How to Play Baccarat

How to Play Baccarat

baccarat Zodiac CasinoBaccarat is the easiest card game and one of the oldest. Baccarat, unlike other card games, is a form of gambling that relies mostly on luck and not critical thinking. You can play it either in the casino or online. It doesn’t matter much where you play. The rules and procedures are basically the same.


The following are the components of baccarat the shoe which are a deck of cards, the banker, the player and the dealer. The dealer could be one of the players or an entitled casino dealer. So before we learn how to deal the cards it is important to know that the players place their bets before the dealer deals the cards.

Placing Bets

In a case where a player deals the cards, the players pass the shoe around in a sequential order. A player-dealer only passes the deck/shoe if the player wins. Else he deals even the next round. Dealing the cards involves sliding the cards alternatively to the player’s hand and bankers hand with the face-up. The two names are just names and nothing else. It is simply taking sides.

So the dealer deals two sets of cards for the banker and the player. It is allowable to deal at least two cards and a maximum of three cards. The game is all about predicting which hand will win by having the highest total closer to nine before the dealer deals the cards. The game is so unique because they do not literally take the total, but the left number of the total if the total becomes a two digit number. For example 7 plus 8 equals 15. Now, the total is not 15 but 5.

You can also bet on draws. They have great returns but the house edge is huge at 9.5 %. The dealer counts all the commissions and claims them at the end of the session.  Here is a video to go over how the game is played.


During the game, ace assumes the number one. The game does not use the face cards and the 10’s. The hand with the highest total wins. There are house edges for betting on the player or the bank, 1.24% and 1.06% respectively.

There are twists and turns to the game that follows the baccarat rules. If the total stand at 8 or nine for either player of bankers hand, that hand wins naturally. Player hand draws a third card if they have a total of 0-5 and the banker does not have a natural win.

For the banker draws and stands depend on their first total and player’s third card. If players third card is a face card, ace, a 9 or 10. Banker draws for 0 through 3 and stands for 4 through 7. If the third card is 8, banker draws for 1 through 2 and stands for 3 through 7. If player’s third card is 7 or 6, the banker draws for 0 through 6 and stands for 7. For a player’s third 4 or 5, the banker draws for 0 through 5 and stands for a 6 or 7. For a 2 or 3, the banker draws for 0 through 4 and stands for a 5 through 7. Do enjoy the game of baccarat.